Ask The Breeder

Getting a griffon or any dog for that matter is a big step and a serious commitment of time, money and emotion. Ask questions prior and after delivery of your puppy. If the breeder is difficult to communicate with and lite with the important information, move on. There are some great breeders in the world but many are hidden by the puppy mill operators looking to sell dogs regardless of their bloodlines.

• Why did the breeder choose to mate these dogs? What criteria were used?
• Has either of the dogs been diagnosed, or identified as a carrier of a genetic, or possibly genetic, health or color condition?
• What health or color tests have been done? What are the scores/results? You may want to ask for documentation.
• Has each of the dogs been hunted, tested or shown?
• What AKC and NAVHDA titles and awards has each of the pair earned?
• Is this the first time this breeding has been done? How many total full siblings are there?
• What does the breeder do to follow the health of her/his puppies after they are sold?
• Is each of the pair AKC registered? If not, why not? Ask for a copy of the pedigrees.
• Will the buyer be provided the registration papers at the time the dog is taken home?
• Will the puppy be micro chipped? Tattooed? Dew claws removed? Vaccinated (usually the first one). Tail docked? These are listed as questions to ask, and it is the buyer’s and breeder’s decision on which to perform.
• Did the breeder have a list of buyers before the mating? Are the dogs being advertised in any publications? Many breeders will post these on a website.
• Will the sale be contingent on a vet check after the purchase?
• If the buyer chooses to keep a dog that has a defect noted in the vet check, what compensation does the breeder offer?