Canine Health Insurance

Do dogs get sick or injured? Anyone that would answer “no” to that has never had a dog. We all make a commitment to provide care for our dogs when they are injured or sick. In many cases the cost can get so high that the owner must make a decision on treatment or survival of his canine partner based on finances. Your dog can have health insurance that may cover everything from major medical to vaccinations and parasite checks. There are insurance providers that are easy to locate on the internet, and we do not prefer nor endorse any select ones. Most, if not all, will have different levels of protection to offer you. Your needs will vary, and you should do what research you need to before making a decision to purchase insurance, and to what level you want to insure your dog.

Your veterinarian can be a valuable source of information by providing sample costs for common procedures, as well as the veterinary practice’s and client’s experiences with various insurance providers. The American Kennel Club (AKC) works with one insurance company that offers a 60 day free trial for newly registered dogs.

Visit this link to learn more : AKCPH

Again, note that we do not intend to endorse any specific provider, but we do encourage WPG owners to take any opportunity to provide the best care for your dog.

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