Welcome to the first and only website dedicated to the Health and Genetics of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, also known as the Korthals Griffon and the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Founded by tireless advocates of the breed Katherine March and Scott J Garrabrant with the following articles written by Katherine March. This website is dedicated to individuals concerned with the breeds future, seasoned Wirehaired Pointing Griffon owners and veterinary professionals who noticed the need for an online portal in effort to globally share and archive health and genetic related articles for new and current owners and breeders.

Important note: We are not breeders nor is this a “Members Only” club. Our mission is to share data and to educate people on current and past health conditions of the breed, and to also share resources on giving your dog a long, happy life. This site and all its information is free to access, and the owners, administrators, or managers never receive monetary compensation for their time and efforts.

Diseases & Conditions

Consider this website to be the portal for known diseases and conditions affecting the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Korthals Griffon, or the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. We spend countless hours preparing data for publishing by communicating with dog owners, health care professionals, and researchers. We update the site on a weekly basis, as information arises or evolves, and the forums are open and available for questions and comments on topics not found elsewhere within our database.

Health & Genetics

We provide links to explain basic genetics, to learn more about bloodlines, and other resources to help give your griffon a great, happy, healthy life. Whether you are thinking about getting a griffon, or are an experienced owner, you will find our news and data interesting, education, and helpful. When considering adding a dog to your life, the more you learn before making the commitment, the more likely your partnership with your griffon will be positive and successful.


Our desktops are overflowing with articles, databases, research groups and educational facilities that will acquaint the griffon owners with their dogs on many levels.

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